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Hunter Crawford

Owner/ Head Trainer

Hi, my name is Hunter Crawford and I am the owner and trainer at Cloud-9 Canines! I have been training for 4  years, worked at successful board-and-train businesses, have a diploma in dog behavior and obedience, and have been mentored under multiple trainers in the dog training world, and am certified in pet cpr and first aid.

I am also disabled and a service dog user/handler. I train and help others train their service dogs for all and every type of disability[s]. I have trained mobility dogs for vets and other mobility impaired persons, psychiatric alert/response dogs for the psychiatric disabled,  and medical alert/response dogs for many diagnosis such as migraines, POTS, vertigo, and more.

Training is my passion and calling in life and I will continue to learn every day to be a better trainer than I was yesterday.

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