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Program Service Dogs


Goals and mission

C9K9 is training one dog at a time in a program style from puppyhood to task trained service dog at an accessible, affordable, and discounted rate to be placed with a handler for their individualized needs . 

Training Expectations​

Here at Cloud-9 Canines LLC it is our goal to turn out stable and work-loving dogs. We uphold our dogs to the highest expectations of a service from inside the home to everyday public settlings and more. Dogs receive the upmost socialization and exposure to be ready for anything they may occurring while working along side the teammate!


It is our mission to provide high quality working dogs at an affordable cost for our clients. We understand that service dogs can be up to $60k from other programs. Our dogs are monthly payments of $800-$1000 including training, vet care, outings, and nutrition. Totally at most $15K to $18K with the option of other payment plans and more. 


It is important that service dogs are just as accessible as the rest of the world should be for those with disabilities. We understand that a variety of disabilities need different levels of needs. We are able to deliver, come to you, and more to make the process as easy and as accessible for everyone as much as possible. 

Involvement/ Communication 

It is part of our mission to include the handler as much as possible through out the training process. From call and texts to ability to visit, train, and bond with their dog at anytime. It’s important to give full transparency when it comes to someone’s medical equipments and a living being. Handler’s are encouraged to be as involved as they would like though the training. 

Types of Service Dogs offered


Medical Alert/ Response 

Training tasks for medical conditions like heart rate, migraines, blood pressure, and more!


Mobility Assistance

Training tasks for limited mobility like retrievals, forward momentum pull, counter balanced, assisting with postural changes, and More!


Psychiatric Response

Training tasks for psychiatric needs like deep pressure therapy, interruptions, and more!

Want To Apply and Join The Waitlist?

Use the link below to fill out the new application form. 

After completing the form you will receive a email back in a timely manner about possible timing for your prospect, a plan of action, and more!

”What if the dog washes before they are placed and. Fully trained?’

There would be two options. The first option would be the handler to keep the dog that washed and the second option is to have C9K9 adopt out the dog as a sport dog or other potential the dog may show and give the money made to the handler as a refund or to put towards a. New dog. 

want More INformation?

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