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Hunter was amazing to work with! We adopted our Shepard mix as a 12 week old puppy and quickly knew we would need help with training her. Hunter worked with our schedule as well as with the needs of our puppy. She was always communicative and punctual. She traveled to our home for private lessons and worked around our two small children including them in the lessons whenever possible! We wanted initial help with basic obedience training. We’ve noticed a significant difference in our puppies behaviors and now we have better understanding how to move forward with training our puppy. We will definitely be back to see Hunter in the future and we are very grateful for her!


Cloud-9 Canines far exceeded our expectations. We sent our daughter’s Service Dog In Training, Gus. Hunter communicated well during his 6-week stay. She answered all of our questions along the way and always sent updates. Gus is more confident and prepared to give our daughter her independence. Thank you for an incredible experience!



I picked Hunter / cloud-9 canine to help me get my SDIT Salem to get started on task training and PA training and honestly I couldn’t have pick anyone better. I got daily updates, videos and pictures. She went above and beyond what I was expecting. She truly cares for your clients and their SDs. Even after the board and train she’s been so helpful with training, even when she’s on vacation. She’s always available to help or answer questions! I not only plan on working with her for the rest of Salem’s training but also any future dogs as well. Thank you Hunter for everything, you truly are amazing.

I was recommended cloud9canine for my Luna to get her service training done. my expectations at first where not all that hight to be honest. but once I started working with Hunter and she began training Luna I was more than impressed with the results. I give it a solid 5/5 for all categories of training and friendliness of Hunter all before, during and even now after the training is completed. again, thank you Hunter and Cloud9 for all the training and support I still receive for my Luna girl.


I sent my 5 month Presa and Ms.Hunter did an amazing job he came back after 4weeks a totally different dog. Highly recommended

Idelisse& SDKota

Kota and I had an amazing experience working with Cloud-9 Canines I had been following Hunter on social media for months before she relocated to NC and really enjoyed watching her work with other dogs through her videos and posts. I had worked with a trainer in the past that didn’t help us reach our goals and was so excited for the possibility of meeting / working with Hunter! Once board and train spots became available, I reached out and booked a task training program on impulse. While I was confident in Kota’s obedience and current tasks at the time, I was worried about doing scent/mobility training on my own. Hunter was very flexible and helped customize the program to fit my needs. She made sure all my questions were answered, helping me feel more at ease about leaving Kota in her care. Hunter was very diligent about documenting what they worked on, where they went, and even detailed how Kota performed overall during each outing. One of the things I appreciated the most were the progress videos I was provided with almost daily. It was really important for me to be able to see how Hunter took Kota’s learning from point A to B and how she broke tasks down for him to develop strong foundations. Because our B&T program was only two weeks long, there’s still plenty of work to do before the new tasks are reliable; however, all the work Hunter put in within such a short period of time shows! Before dropping Kota off, he struggled with gear shyness and we had hit a wall in our training with his heeling position. In just two weeks, Kota was able to develop a much more  positive association to gear, his focus improved, his confidence increased, and he seems so much happier working. The very next day after he came home, we resumed our public access outings together to test out his new skills. I was absolutely overjoyed to see Kota hold a perfect heel for two hours without the need of any tools, constant reinforcement, or frequent redirecting. We are so thankful to have found Hunter and Cloud-9 Canines and are so glad we jumped at the opportunity to work with her. The work you’re doing is phenomenal. Thank you so much for your help!



Hunter was amazing to work with! We adopted our Shepard mix as a 12 week old puppy and quickly knew we would need help with training her. Hunter worked with our schedule as well as with the needs of our puppy. She was always communicative and punctual. She traveled to our home for private lessons and worked around our two small children including them in the lessons whenever possible! We wanted initial help with basic obedience training. We’ve noticed a significant difference in our puppies behaviors and now we have better understanding how to move forward with training our puppy. We will definitely be back to see Hunter in the future and we are very grateful for her!

Kaitlin & Pheobe​

Tanna & SDIT Kabu

"I started training with Hunter after my SDIT Kabu was off for a few months after an injury. We were in a rut and behind in our training, and I was struggling. Even after one session, Kabu started advancing quickly! Since then, we have done many sessions and they have all gone so well! Hunter is very patient and understanding, and makes our training fun. She has come up with ideas I haven’t seen before, and does an amazing job with every dog I’ve seen her work with. Kabu always enjoys when we go to train with hunter, and leaves even better than before! It’s been a huge game changer for us and I am so glad I found her!" 


I sent my puppy Hero to Cloud-9 Canines for their Puppy Program. I live in California so North Carolina is a decent ways away, but wow was it worth it! We met in a park by the airport where Hero and I got acquainted with Hunter and Meg, as well as their dogs Sirius and Asuna.They were very willing to answer all of my questions and were very friendly towards me and especially Hero.After I left I got daily updates about Hero, including photos, videos, and a journal detailing what she had done that day! The communication made those three weeks feel like I was right there with her! I wasn’t concerned for her health and safety because I knew Hunter and Meg would take fantastic care of her. When it came time to return to North Carolina to pick her up we met at Home Depot where I got a lesson to show me what she had learned and how to continue training her. Throughout the week I stayed in North Carolina I was able to meet up with Cloud-9 Canines multiple times to cement some of the training for me and her. On the long plane ride back Hero laid politely by my feet and was an angel in the airport. I’ve been able to keep in contact with them since I've been home with comments and concerns regarding Hero, as well as their genuine interest in how she’s doing in both health and training. I can’t thank Hunter and Meg enough for the work they did with Hero. Me and Her will be seeing them again in a few months for Advance Obedience/Public Access and Task Training. We can hardly wait!

KAmile&SDIT Hero


Hunter sent us daily photos and videos of how our dog was progressing and daily write ups of what they did that day. She was professional and kind in all interactions with us. Sirius and our dog got along well and you could tell when we brought our dog home that she missed him. We had never seen someone do enrichment with cardboard boxes within each other and thought that was a great idea. One of the tasks we had Hunter teach our dog was "block" and we had trouble getting our dog to do the task for us at first. We messaged Hunter our issue and sent a video of what we were doing. Hunter sent a video back demonstrating with Sirius a minor adjustment we should make and it made a huge difference. Our dog starting doing the task like a light bulb went off. Of course it was us cueing her incorrectly, nothing she was doing wrong. We started to teach the task "retrieval" at home before our board and train with Hunter. We were having trouble with our dog bringing an item back to us after she picked it up. After seeing Hunter, our dog brings us anything and everything that is on the floor. She loves it and thinks it's the best game ever. Hunter gives a great foundation and teaches the dog the tasks you request in your application. It is up to you to practice those tasks and solidify the training with your dog.



I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have found Hunter Crawford and Cloud-9 Canines as a service dog trainer for my dog Remus. Her knowledge, expertise, and passion for service dog training is truly unparalleled. From day one, she took the time to understand my needs and the tasks I needed my service dog to perform, and then tailored a training program that was perfect for me and Remus.

Not only is Hunter an excellent trainer, but she is also a compassionate and caring person who truly cares about the well-being of both me and my dog. She kept me updated daily with details of his trading and was always available to answer any questions or concerns that I had. She’s was very patient and  helpful as I learned how to work with my service dog.

Thanks to Hunter, Remus is now able to perform many of the  necessary tasks to help me in my day-to-day life, and has made a tremendous positive impact on my quality of life.  He still has more training to do as he is pretty young and we will be utilizing Hunter’s services again in the future,   I would highly recommend Hunter to anyone who is looking for a skilled, compassionate, and experienced service dog trainer.   




“Cloud 9 Canines really went above and beyond for Cricket’s board and train. I was nervous at first leaving her in someone else’s care but Hunter and her team did so well. They always gave updates and answered texts in a timely manner. I got regular updates on her progress and just how her day was in general. She learned such a good foundation of skills while there. On the day I picked her up Hunter and her team spent plenty of time with me teaching me how to be a handler and how to use Cricket’s new skills.”


Alyssa & SDIT Everest

'Before I got Everest as my service dog prospect, I was on the look for a service dog trainer and that’s when I came across Hunter! She is extremely knowledgeable and has an immense love and passion for training service dogs. I’m so glad I found her when I did! Everest and I immediately started training sessions with hunter as soon as he was 16 weeks old. She helped us jump through many hurdles that most puppy parents struggle with. Eventually, after many sessions, Everest is now a Service Dog in training! One of our biggest goals was to be able to go to Disneyland and thanks to Cloud9canines, we accomplished our goal! I’m so proud of how far Everest and I have come as a team, thank you Hunter!'

Cleone & SDIT Reagan


Crystal & Hazel

"We absolutely love Cloud-9 Canine! Hunter is so knowledgeable and patient. She has given us the tools to be a better dog owner. I look forward to our training sessions and Hazel does too!"


"We live in Arizona, so we made some time over the Holiday Season to do a session with Hunter because we had heard how good of a trainer she was. We worked on relaxing my body when working, improved corrections, and gained so much traction in our loose leash heel. Hunter was honest and helped my dog and I gain so much confidence! She has answered questions for us after the fact as well. I honestly can’t recommend Cloud-9 Canines enough!"


Jazmine & SDIT Zoey

"Zoey is a Border Collie, She is 1 year and 3 months old, she completed her obedience training and is ready to move up to service dog training with Cloud9Canines. She’s able to work on her Public Access and Task Training with me. Hunter will tell me if she saw something Off/improper then she will help guide us into the right direction, she taught me how to correct and fix the issue. Hunter always breaks corrections down into simple, easy and understandable concepts. If you're looking for a professional trainer or a Service dog trainer I would recommend Cloud9Canines Thank you, Hunter for having so much patience."


Lexie & SDIT Kaz

Hunter is incredible. 

I have a lot of experience with dogs, so when I got my puppy/second dog I never expected to need to find a trainer to help me get her under control. I was so impressed after just the first week that I signed my 8 year old greyhound for a board and train session as well.

My 8 year old I have sent to trainers before for severe anxiety and leash training with little to no success. Her anxiety has been so bad I have never been able to take her on walks or take her anywhere. Hunter has changed her life. She is now great on a leash, I can easily get her back under control when she gets triggered, and she is now living her best life. 

We are so grateful for Hunter and I 100000% recommend to everyone!

Javiar & SDIT Molly

"I had been through many trainers and was searching for a service dog trainer specifically when I found Hunter. Her dedication to her clients and their success is unmatched and I am so glad we happened to find her. She puts everything into the dogs that she trains and it shows through her willingness to travel and do the unconventional training, such as going to Disneyland, that goes along with the nuances of training a service dog. She is extremely knowledgeable I was definitely trained more than my SDiT! She took my good dog and helped make him a great dog. We can’t thank her enough!" 


"My wife always would tell me. That as a disabled veteran I have the availability of getting a service dog. But I would never dream of replacing my current dog, Molly. Who provides me with comfort and companionship. With another dog. Even a trained one. However, it just so happened that our groomer knew of a trainer that could help with training Molly into becoming a service dog. 

Hunter has been a blessing to my Wife and I. She has taken my happy care-free, leash pulling puppy. Into a happy, care-free trained puppy. Who stays by my side and comes when I call. My big teddy bear. Hunter brings a trained eye along with a calming effect, patience and the ability to know how and when to adjust training to your specific dog. We always recommend Hunter whenever someone asks about our pups."


Raine & SDIT Denali

"From the beginning, I knew I wanted to train Denali to be my service dog and bring her on all of my travel nurse adventures. COVID and a few unfortunate circumstances halted our ability to train and created poor habits and dog reactivity. After struggling and bouncing through different trainers, ideas, and online courses, I found Cloud-9 Canines on Instagram. Hunter has been unbelievably helpful and such an amazing person to work with. Her love and passion for dogs and training is so apparent in all that she does. She is so flexible and dedicated to each individual team. Denali has achieved more in the last few months then I even imagined possible. She is no longer fearful of other dogs and has come so far. Working with Hunter has not only improved my relationship with Denali but also improved my own mental health and introduced me to an amazing community. Working with Hunter at Cloud 9 Canines is one of the best decisions I have made!"


Kellie & Maverick


I am very thankful that I found Hunter with Cloud 9 Canines. I have an 11 month old Australian Shepherd, Maverick, who I had been training to be my service dog, since he was 9 weeks old. His training was going great until we reached the task portion. I did not know how to continue with teaching my boy certain tasks that would help me with my disabilities. That’s when I searched (for a very long time) for a reputable service dog trainer in my area, who I felt could help me reach my goals and needs with my dog. 

I came across Cloud 9 Canines. I loved the videos and information I saw on their page, and, after speaking with Hunter, I knew I had made the right decision in choosing her for my training. Hunter is an excellent trainer that truly cares about her clients and their dogs. She was very patient when it came to explaining and teaching me how to help Maverick learn tasks. 

Maverick still has some training left to do, but thanks to Hunter, Maverick is able to perform necessary tasks to help me in my daily challenges due to my disability. I am more confident going out in public now, knowing that my dog understands the tasks he needs to perform to help me.

I would highly recommend Hunter and Cloud 9 Canines to anyone looking for service dog training. You truly cannot go wrong with choosing her to help you train your best friend.🐾

Briana & SD Barry

"Thanks to cloud 9 my dog can fully heel off leash and on a flat through places like Disney. Originally my dog couldn’t walk near me without pulling and choking constantly but hunter was able to hone in his energy and teach me techniques that I’ve been able to implement. Consistency is key but I couldn’t have gotten to this point without cloud 9. I’m so proud of Barry and so thankful to hunter!"

Ximena & SDIT Echo

"Hunter did an incredible job of helping us. My dog was originally a “program” service dog, and even though she was supposed to be “fully trained”, we struggled a lot even just with the basics. I was so worried she would wash until I found Hunter’s training page and saw the different ways she helped clients. I went from fighting with my dog, to calmly and confidently working through challenges. Hunter made every effort to schedule us when we needed, and she was always available by text - she answered quickly when I had questions, supported us when we had a challenging training day, and celebrated our successes with us. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer and couldn’t be prouder of how far we’ve come since we first reached out. "

Susan & Ellie


"I am amazed how quickly my dogs have picked up on the foundational and leash skills training with Hunter.  Our walks are a lot more pleasant now my dogs can follow basic commands and no longer pull on the leash.  I can't say enough things about training with Hunter.  It has made our lives with our dogs so much better. "


lisa & Hazel

Hunter and Meg did an incredible job during Willow’s board and train. They treated her like their own and were so helpful with answering any questions I had and showing me how to do the trainings myself. Willow’s commands became more solid and she showed great improvement! I would highly recommend using Cloud 9 Canines for your service dog training needs!


"Our 2 year old Goldendoodle was in desperate need of some training!  After a handful of sessions with Hunter, our Hazel is like a different puppy. She listens, she comes when called, she goes into her crate when told, she doesn’t run off…she is still young and full of puppy energy, but she’s so much better behaved and isn’t the crazy puppy she was before training! Thank you so much Hunter for making our house a much happier puppy home!"


Megan & SDIT Asuna

"Hunter is an amazing trainer! She customizes a plan to fit yours and your dog’s needs. I started off owner training my service dog in training and was an anxious mess trying to make sure I wasn’t ruining her or increasing my odds at her washing out. Hunter has been there every step of the way! I know I can always message her for advice and she’ll always have an answer. She definitely has eased any doubts in my mind and helps not only my dog, but myself too. Thanks, Hunter!!"

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