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Obedience Programs

For dogs over the age of 6 months and are up to date on all vaccinations and rabies. 

Dog will be evaluated upon in person or virtual consultation to choose the best suited program!

Program Options:

Basic Obedience

Sit, Down, Place, Heel, Recall

Obedience around the house, neighborhood, and some outings to outside pet-friendly places. 

3-4 Weeks

$2800 - $3600

Advanced Obedience

All OB from basic program with distance, duration, and added distractions. Some outings to inside/outside pet-friendly locations 

3-5 Weeks

$3000 - $4800

Off-Leash Program

Creating reliability of obedience off-leash. Use of E-Collar Technologies E-collar (E- Collar Included)

3-4 Weeks

$3100 - $4000

Programs Application:

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